Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Internet Searching Day #2

First, watch the tutorials on searching the web on Atomic Learning. Your teacher will explain to you how to log in at: http://movies.atomiclearning.com/k12/searchweb

Now for your main job today:

1) Queries - MicroModule- Click through the pages at: http://21cif.imsa.edu/resources/lapackage/mmsa/query/index_html

2) Complete and hand in the worksheet activity on Queries that your teacher will give to you.

3) Try your hand at what you have learned with at least ONE of each kind of Search Challenges at: http://21cif.imsa.edu/tutorials/challenge/Q2Q/KeywordChallenge.swf and http://21cif.imsa.edu/tutorials/challenge/soccerchallenge/Nyms_index.swf

4)Post a comment to this blog post with SEVERAL SENTENCES about what you have learned about Searching the Web.


Conner Iverson said...

We have learned what a Query is in the last couple of days. We have also learned more effective words to use. The movies we watched were good but they were hard to hear.

Tasha Lechtenberg said...

I liked the atomic learning movies. I didnt know about the spyders that go through the website.

caleb said...

i learned the differents between a query and a question.

Lucas George said...

The searches have been fun. The first da was fun trying to find the stuff.