Friday, September 22, 2006

Monday sep.18
Doesn’t every body love Mondays? Well I don’t but to start of the technology class we had to go to the library we learned about pod cast’s. We have to make a pod cast that is four minutes long we can make it about any thing. After you write your script you go to garage band and record in garage band you can do a hole bunch of cool sound effects. Hope you have a good Monday.

Sidney's Blog! 9-22-06

Today in Technology class was REALLY FUN, because we get the chance o make some AMAZING podcasts! (which are really cool)
You make a podcast on garadgeband, you can have pictures and music and even a self recording!
We are making podcastings from hunting to fall sports, theres some great ones out there on the net already so watch them and enjoy!

sept 20 by brooke

today Mrs. Morrow was gone and Mrs. Smith was the sub. We had to write a scripted and then work on ower podcast. today randy was gone so it was ectremly quite in hear. well thats all for now.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

september 19, By Randy

Today Mrs. Morrow had us start on our podcasts. Podcasts are online broadcasts that just about anyone can make. Sometimes you can find podcasts about news and a good thing about that is if you miss the news on TV or the radio you can still listen to the podcast anytime you want. People also make podcasts where they talk about things they are interested in and other people can listen to them that share the same interest. I’m pretty excited about making my podcast; I’m making mine about drifting. I’m not sure that most people know what drifting is quite yet but hopefully my podcast will inform a few people about drifting.

9/15/06 by Katie

Today was kind of a slow day. We watched the powerpoints people made about Technology in the World. After we all interviewed someone we turned their answers and opinions into a slide show. We watched most of the powerpoints but ran out of time and didnt see all of them. The ones we did get to watch were very interesting to watch and learn about different jobs. I dont think it really occured to all of us how much technology effects our lives today. Well that's pretty much all we did today. Until next time...

~Katie S.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thhursday September 14, 2006 by Anthony

Today we are presenting our powerpoint presentations to the class about technology in he real world. We will also be trying to finish the teacher wall today. Today the whole school is taking pictures as a whole class or group im not sure. We are also making short movies about how technology will affect us in twenty years. Well Technology Trends is going well and is fun.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

sep 13/06 By Erin

Today in Technology we were finishing up with staf directory and power points. Are power points were about technology in the real world. Are next power point will dell with social studdies.

Well keep having fun in technology!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Kasey's blog

Today in class we are working on are powerpoints about technology in the real world. We are also working on pages about the teachers at are school. We are going to make pages about what they teach, how long they have taught and some of their hobbies. We are then going to put the pictures on the wall in school so that people will get to know the teachers here. Another thing we are doing is working on another powerpoint on what we think technology will be like in the future.


Friday, September 8th, 2006 by Dillon Jakubowski

Sweet! Our first football game is tommorow. Today we found out that on the dashboard there is alot more options to click on like ESPN, Flight Tracker, Dictionary, Buisness etc. It's acually pretty cool. Well i dont know what else to wright so I think I'm gunna go for now.

Dillon Jakubowski

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

9/6/06 Derek

yesterday we worked on the Macbook for a wile and it was fun.robert found a dead bird on the grill of a car,and like usual randy was just being randy
Later we went and did reports on some of the teachers in the high school, I did Gary Hostert, and whane Hesse. So far school has been going good, but like usual it is sometimes boring with all of the home work.
And that is about all that we hav been doing this year.

Friday, September 01, 2006

9/1/06 Brooke Devall

Today we are going to work on our 90 second movie. We are making music to go with the movie. We are having lots of fun in this class. We like working on our bran new mac books. It is so much fun. The room is filled with weird sounds. Well thats all for now.