Wednesday, December 20, 2006

12-20-06 Paige

Today in class we worked on our Imovie. My group and I are working on Blackbeard the Pirate. I learned alot about him that I never knew. Blackbeard was a famous pirate. We acted out a skit! My technology choice is an article from that talked about how technology makes life alot easier! They talked about how parents should be watching out for their kids. Technology is now a nice way to entain yourself! This article said they worry about kids and their little techno-toys! They said that technology's Myspace is just like hanging out with a neighbor. And instant messaging is meaningful communication. They said telivisions and computer screens shouldn't be put infront of kids intell they are somewhere older than 3-7 years old. Cell phones, computers, Ipods, etc. are far down the list from things to worry about kids. They also mentioned that the Internet is a big invention and that it is hard to measure such things in present tense!

Last Assignment by Ashlea

this quarter has been great i learned so much, and the best part is that i get to be smarter than my mom for a change since she is a teacher, and an adult, but she actually asks me what to do and i laugh then i help her if i don't want to be grounded. haha well i really liked this class and i would love to learn more about the mac books, and almost anything else related to technology, the fun stuff though. well this is all i think i have to go eat some lunch, well i just wanted to say thanks mrs.morrow for having the pactience to teach all of us kids. bye from ashlea

Dustin Blog Post

Today December 20th, 2006 we finished our iMovie projects. Josh, Alejandro, and Myself did ours on the Spies of the Revolution. We had to make a storyboard, and a script because those are 2 of the 3 grades we are getting for this project. Today is our last day in this quater class, Technology Trends.

The Sony PS3 can either have 20 gigabytes or 60 gigabytes. 20 gigabytes costs around $500 online. 60 gigabytes costs roughly $600.

Josh Blog Post

Yesterday in Technology Class we started our iMovies. Alejandro, Dustin and I are doing ours on the Spies of the Revolution. We should be done in plenty of time.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday December 13, 2006 by: Nathan

Today in class we worked on our imovie research and scripts. Blake was gone so I didn't have to do much. TECHNOLOGY IN THE REAL WORLD- the technology that I'm going to talk about is the new ipod remodeled. The new ipod nano is now available in 2gb, 4gb, and 8gb. They hold 2,000 songs and are available in 5 colors- black, silver, fuschia, lime, and turquoise. They hold 25,000 photos and play audiobooks and podcasts. They have 24 hours of battery life. It is still 99 cents for a song and they also made it 40% brighter. It is a slimmer design it is .26 thin, the lengh is 3.5, and the width is 1.6 all measurements are in inches. SOURCES:

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12/12/2006 by: Anahi

Well today at technology class we talked about our "iMovies"
iMovies are kind of fun, because you can teach other people about history.
For our iMovies we get 2 grades one for our Technology teacher and the other one for our History teacher.
Right now we were just picking our topics, and talking about our scripts.
Well thats about if for our technology class

In the real world;
Last week the "Roboexotica" festival of "cocktail robots" took place in Vienna, Austria. Around 35 robots mixed cocktails
Winner in the Cocktail Mixing category was the External Combustion Machine that mixes drinks through a recycled fuel injector from a Ford car
The Cocktail Serving award was won by the flamethrower-toting El Espanol Borracho - it apparently makes a mean flaming Spanish Coffee.


well thats about it.

12/12/06 By Emily

Today we are talking about starrting out imovie. We just fineshed our podcasts i did mine about llamas. We are making ou scrips for out imovie my partner kelcey and I are doing salem witchcraft trials and we have discoverd that it is very interesting. Mrs.Morrow talked to the class about what we could do in imovie we could do a blue screen and replace the screen with a diffrent back ground like u could be in a winter wonder land with shorts on. Now for my current event China is putting a band on some of there most popular games because of crud religous movements.

By Emily K.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday December 5th by Sam

Hey it's me Sam again telling you whats going on in the Technology world, The Real world, and in Technoogy class. I'll start with Technology class first. Well today all we really did was work on our podcast. Some of us added in music and pictures to our podcast, while others tried to finish up. Those who got done with their podcast worked on their imovie project by researching their topic that they have picked. In the Real world, or I geuss you could just say school, we had a Science test. Lately in History we have been studying about how America became independant from England. Honestly I find it quite interesting to learn about America's history. In the Technology world I found out that Nike and Apple computer worked together to form a sports kit. This sports kit is an ipod that goes in your shoe. It tells you the speed that you re going, how many caleries you have burned, and the distance you have gone. Researchers are afraid that thieves or stalkers could track you down with this device. They are now saying that it is safe now. Until next time, Sammi Hammi.

by Carl

I read that the president George W Bush is going to try and make enough money to set up a base on the moon in 2020. 2024 it'll be done. They lost 6 people . They say that they are ready to set one up on mars. For every expedition to the moon it caused $124Bn. They astronauts are scared that bushes plan wil interfer.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday, December 4, 2006 by Daniel

Today in class we had to go to the library and Mrs.Morrow was talking about an imovie about history.And she said to pick a topic that we would like to work on and then she said we could get in groups of three. So me and matt moloun picked the first submarine ever made. then mrs morrow said that we could research on the computer and print information?
Hello everyone I am going to talk to you about last friday. Well on friday we finished up our podcast about whatever we wanted to make it on. Like I did mine on golf because everyone knows I love to play it. But a lot of people did other sports and other things that they like to do. Making a podcast is a lot of fun if you know how to use it, otherwize it can be difficult.
The technology I found on the internet was that kids are getting vilent video games that either show killing, cursing, and shows bad things about girls and boys. Some of these games are "Medal of Honor" and "Need for Speed Underground." So if you are not over the age 17 I would not play these games. Well this is Blake from Nebraska saying so long. This was posted on 12/5/06.

Friday, December 1st

It's Finally Friday!! Friday December, 1st. Today in Technology Class we are working on our podcasts. Some of our podcast's topics are on baking cookies, taking care of your hair, and how to shop! We are using Garageband to record our podcasts, and we will be publishing them using Itunes.

In other news, The Japan Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers wants videos, posted on the popular video site "YouTube" to be checked before they are published. Daily over 100 million videos are watched on "YouTube." Last month alone 30,000 videos were taken off "YouTube" at the request of the Japanese entertainment group. YouTube's policy has always said that it will remove any copyrighted material upon request. The Japanese group has written to YouTube asking for a screening system for all the video clips that are going to be uploaded. Other measures such as posting messages in Japanese about "illegal uploads." The group also wants the YouTube uploaders to register their details and even face bans if they violate copyright. YouTube, owned by the popular search engine Google, has negotiated with some major copyright holders, and they've reached an agreement, that will let YouTube post copyrighted music videos and other videos in exchange for advertising. YouTube has licensing deals with CBS, Warner Music, Universal Music Group, and Sony BMG Music Entertainment.
(information found at:

Well thats all for now!

Monday Decemeber,4 by kelcey

Friday we worked on our podcasts that we have to do about something. Alot of people are recording their voices now. Some of the people that have their voices recorded are asking questions about their topic to other classmates.
My news aritcle is about the playstaiton 3 costs $599 to $499. when you buy the new playstation 3 it will not come with a memory card so you have to have one. well that is all for today i guess i talk to you later