Friday, December 14, 2007

Internet Safety PSAs

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Search the Web- Day #3

For our last day of Web Searching Tutorials, this is what you will need to do:

1. "Operators" MicroModule at:

2. "Search Ranks" MicroModule at:

3. "Search Engines" MicroModule at:

4. Write a reply to this blog post about all you have learned this week about Internet Searching. What will you do in the future to produce better web searches?

5. Choice time on the last three days of activities. Any activity that you wish you would have had more time with? Go ahead and spend some more time on the Internet Searching link of your choice.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Internet Searching Day #2

First, watch the tutorials on searching the web on Atomic Learning. Your teacher will explain to you how to log in at:

Now for your main job today:

1) Queries - MicroModule- Click through the pages at:

2) Complete and hand in the worksheet activity on Queries that your teacher will give to you.

3) Try your hand at what you have learned with at least ONE of each kind of Search Challenges at: and

4)Post a comment to this blog post with SEVERAL SENTENCES about what you have learned about Searching the Web.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Internet Searching Day #1

Good morning, 8th graders!

You have several things to complete today before you work on recording and producing your podcast. Please make sure that you complete them in order and with your best efforts.

1. Internet Search Challenge -
Choose ONE of the activities and see if you can beat it. Note how challenging this simple activity may be as you go through the rest of today's tasks.

2. Search Box Strategy MicroModule -
Click on and read each page (or listen to each page read to you)

3. Word Worksheet - See handout
Complete the activity and hand in to your teacher

4. Blog Comments - Click on Comments (on this post) and leave A FEW SENTENCES on the class blog about what you have learned about using keywords when searching the Internet.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who are these fabulous Garage Band experts?

Student Viewpoints on... 24/7 Learning

You have been introduced to the power and potential for learning with a MacBook computer. Now, imagine the possibility of having this tool in your backpack 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What benefits to your learning would this create? What problems, if any, would arise if every student had their own school-issued MacBook. Brainstorm possible projects, learning opportunities, and things that would change if O'Neill adopted a 24/7 Learning Initiative.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I watched a podcast about the Dog Whisperer and a big sheep dog named snoopy. It was about 3:30. They are all about 3:00 minutes long. i like eggs and the video

spring football for neb

spring football by net is a gret thing to know about if u miss a game and need to cach up on the game some of the ones they have are big 12 champ a couple bowl games would love to listen to this more it also is great for updates that u need to know. on the scale of 1 -10 =9 u should really try this out some time this is one of my fav podcast let me know what u think of it

a new post from Ian

weeeee this is Ian i am talking about the podcast the instance world of warcraft. the talk about the games that is a online rpg with lots of players that go arownd and go on quests. On this podcast they give tips and tricks for the game and tell you some of the new stuff that is going on in the game. they have a lot of podcast a mass of 77 podcasts. I give this group of podcasts a 5 out of 5 but thats just me.

the podcast i watched

Was about canada and what they have in canada like hokey. The band nickleback is from their. The podcast i watched was 4:44 long.It talked about some holidays and what they they do on them.

Podcast review

The podcast that I chose is about football. In the begining of the podcast is making fun of one of the brodcasters because they had lunch with his family. Then they start talkin about Mike Shanahan and the say that he has some dirty tricks. My podcast is audio only. I think I would subscribe to it because its all about sports. I like to hear the latest news about sports.-Conner I.

Angel's Podcast

My podcast is about Husker football. They have made 18 podcasts. The people that host this are Kevin Kugler and Adrian Fiala. What these podcasts bring to us are Big Red Wrap-Ups providing a weekly recap of each Husker football game, including highlights, and in-depth analysis. Former Husker running back Damon Benning joins Kevin Kugler and Adrian Fiala for a talk about the upcoming Husker season. They also talk a little about how the other teams are doing. They also talk about championships and bowl games. They have a new episode once a week. I like to listen to these episodes that they make, because I like the Huskers.

Olivia's Podcast

My podcast was all about how modeles get their make-up done. It showed the artist putting the make-up on them and the models getting their picture taken. Then they showed a magazine with the finished product in it. The pictures were more enhanced, they probably used a program like photoshop or something simaliar. It was all music and video clips, there was no dialouge. It was about 2 minutes long. I checked the dates on all of the podcast submitted by Sephora and most of them were posted on one day, but there were a couple of random ones. I have subscribed to their channel to watch all of their upcoming podcast. On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 9.

The podcast I watched.

The podcast I watched was a Seventeen Magazine one. It was about learning how make-up and hair artists did hair and make-up for the models during New York Fashion Week Fall 2007. I liked this podcast because it's all about hair and make-up by my favorite magazine. There are 23 episodes that come have one out each week. These podcasts are hosted by Desi, the beauty editor of Seventeen Magazine. I rate these podcasts a 9 out of a 10!

Michigan Loses

My podcast is about Michigan losing to apalichan state and many other teams and their positives and negatives. My podcast is about 19 min.

Mitch's podcast review

I watched a podcast called "Sounds of the Outback." The podcast was created by Gene bias. Some guy was making sounds of the outback, and it was quite funny. At the end there was a song and it was with the outback sounds. There was only that one podcast.

my podcast reveiw

My podcast is named Party Aert! Labor Day Podcast Party at a Special Time! star wars galexies woth Yivvits and MrBubble! Its about labor day and how its one of the few days that people get off. Then they just joke around. Its really funny. It has a new episode every seven days. Its AWSOME! I'd love to get more episodes. Hope you will like it as much as i did.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Hello this is Douglas i am going to talk about macbook. The macbook owner should not get alarmed because your battery won't overheat or explode. If you want the battery to work right, you might need software update. If you get software update it sould improve battery improvement.

30 april

today in technology we are starting to work on our scripts and story board so that we can start working in imovie. everybody had to do the project on history and when we were done we could go and show our history teacher every thing we have done on the project and then you can get extra credit in your american history class we only have 2weeks almost till the school year is over .The junior high track teem is doing great this year i think . i can't wait till we get out because im going to go fishing,camping and go swiming at the pool
today is friday and ''Reel History'' is what we just started. Cameron and I have a great idea to spoof sportscenter on the hamilton and burr duel. There will be some good ones I'm sure.


In technology today Apple has been very busy with all of thier new products, including the iphone and the apple tv. They are now shipping the apple tvs and phones. In class today we worked on research for our imovies. Along with that we started to make our scripts and site our sources. Today we will be traveling to Ord for a track meet.